Refreshing, refueling revivals

Have you been blessed recently by attending a revival? Oh, I have! My heart overflows with a refreshment that refuels my soul and a renewed joy to serve my Lord with gladness. Sharing revival at Shiloh P.H. Church last week at Mt. Vernon Baptist Church has blessed this ole’ country girl with love beyond measure. I need revival. How about you?

Deep inside a message screams as a reminder that we all need revival. Yet, revival services have become a thing of the past in many churches. Why? Could it be poor attendance or putting it on a back burner because of one thing or another that keeps us from pure, precious worship. Remembering when revivals were always held, when prayer was always allowed, when honor was always given to God in our land, as proclaimed by our founding fathers, is becoming endangered. We ponder the state of affairs in our nation and world with sadness. Yet, we put off spending time with God as busyness overpowers schedules and burdens harden hearts. The enemy shouts with delight as darkness penetrates this land we love. Our home sweet home is being soured with sin while we wearily wonder what to do.

Mrs. Eloise Brewington knew exactly what to do and shared it with passion until Jesus took her home at 97 years old three months ago. She preached it from her home, her Prayer Connection Circle, her church, but most profoundly from the way she lived her life and loved her Lord. Mrs. Eloise listened to and learned lessons from her heavenly Father through prayer. She enjoyed a close connection and heard divine whispers of warning to be shared with people, especially preachers. Mrs. Eloise prayed over me in 2007. She prophesied my healing with exact words that happened and helped me see the power of prayer and truly trusting in Jesus.

Mrs. Eloise and I embraced a loving relationship and enjoyed many powerful prayers and talks. She passionately proclaimed warnings that God wants His children to ‘get up’ and get going, to stay close to Him, to love one another and pray. Her heart pounded with a message for preachers to preach the whole Gospel and not water down sermons. She believed we were in the last days when revival, prayer, and keeping our focus on God is crucial and that we are not pleasing God with our worship and ways. Her faithful prayers and messages flowed from a heart that beat in tune with her Father’s will and way for her life as she stayed true to her calling and His words for His people until He called her home.

Do you have a powerful prayer partner in your life? Do people look to you as a prayer warrior in their lives? Have we allowed busyness to block out precious time for prayer meetings, revivals, and personal time in our hearts and homes for pure, precious worship with our Father. Are we disconnected from Him…from our loved ones…from the fruit of the spirit? Then, we must do exactly what we would do if our phones or lights were disconnected. Get up, get going, and get reconnected!

I reconnected recently during revival services at Shiloh P. H. Church and Mt. Vernon Baptist Church…and oh the joy that fills my soul! I was loved on, lifted up, and learned just how hungry many people are for revival. The ripples of blessings and stories of miraculous things He is unfolding fill me with awe and desire to share stories inspired by my Father.

God wants to be closely connected to you and me, to each of His children. We can understand for we share that burning desire for close relationships with our loved ones. God wants to be first place with connections that give time for daily conversations, Him being top on our favorites, the One we call on and call first with all news instead of posting our problems and predicaments on Facebook or calling on anyone who will listen to our woes. God wants to be the One we never delete from our contacts. He wants a personal relationship with each of us.

He lives and loves and wants all His children to prepare and put Him first…for time is ticking and the end is coming. Only God knows when His Son will appear in the sky riding His white horse with bands of angels and shouts of glory. He is coming and all will bow and honor Him as Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

Are we ready? Do we need revival, as words from a favorite hymn proclaim…”Revive us again, for the Son of Thy love, for Jesus who died and is now gone above. Revive us again, fill each heart with Thy love; May each soul be rekindled with fire from above. Hallelujah! Thine the glory. Hallelujah. Revive us again!”

Thank you to Pastor Eddie Smith at Shiloh and Pastor E.C. Mattocks at Mt. Vernon for opportunities to embrace the love of our Lord in revival. Divine passion and purpose stir my heart with love stories I look forward to sharing… ‘for such a time as this’!