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    20 years of home-cooked goodness

    SALEMBURG — If you’re a first-timer walking into Salem Pizza, you might think you have stumbled upon a restaurant serving nothing but the delectable Italian dish. But a surprise awaits, and a great one. For [...]
  • News

    Law officers stress holiday travel safety

    Law enforcement agencies across North Carolina have officially kicked off the 25th year of the Click It or Ticket program, reminding motorists of safety on the highways during this holiday weekend. Locally, the Clinton Police [...]
  • Local

    Honoring ‘stars’ of service

    SPIVEY’S CORNER — A crowd gathered along a stretch of busy roadway in northern Sampson County, at the hollerin’ capital of the universe, to give a shout-out to Armed Forces veterans who have served this [...]
  • Local

    Sampson man served federal indictments

    WILMINGTON — A federal grand jury has returned indictments against a Sampson County man in a carjacking and vehicle pursuit on Interstate 95 that also allegedly involved drug trafficking. He is facing at least 55 [...]
  • Local

    Causey: Growth vital to maintain

    A proposed $60 million fiscal plan for the next year of Sampson County operations was unveiled earlier this week, with an ambitious goal of saving $5 million for economic development efforts in quarter-million dollar annual [...]





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